Tuesday, August 10, 2010

OhMy OhMy Hospital-,-

hmm i like the doctor la
he made me nvr feel nervous heees.
n he's cutexD

hmm i hate the stupid water tat muz be drinked before the scannin'
n the needle a
walao eh super kongbu
n super cold inside
argh dono jz hate it.

OMG i won't be sick again..!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Day Of Rest

wake up at 10 today~
not goin' school wer haha!
i got caecum prob-,-
haha can rest ^ ^

exam's comin n i'm scare of it!
haiz bless me=(

Monday, August 2, 2010

the latest me

my mind is full of BEAST of course=D
no more SJ pls~xD
many K-Pop singers r comin' tis year i'm gonna siao d~.~
haha quite borin' these days but i finally could try to come out wit friendsss..
i'm no more '宅女'
guess so=)
haha missin' all my friends all of a sudden!
wish i would talk to u guys now!!
argh quite enjoyin my school life now~
hmm here is my beloved, BEAST!!

sponsored by Pacumong~

hees enjoy ur life n don't be emo pls!=D
cause life's short~!

hees listen to this~
Treasure - F.T Island

Sunday, March 21, 2010

SJ SuperShow2 Concert!!!

OMG it was amazin!!!
excited till couldn't say a thing!><

The Stage Look

He became my new love after LeeTuek

The Amazin Pearl Sapphire Blue Sea!!


i Love them!!

My Ticket
RM458 is worth!!!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

finally watched Alice In Wonderland~!
quite nice;D
I love the film director, Tim Burton!xD

he g
ot lots of amazin movies!:


Sweeney Todd(

Corpse Bride(2005)

arlie And The Chocolate Factory(2005)

Sleepy Hollow(

The Nightmare Be
fore Christmas(1993)

The Alice In Wond

The Mad

The Red Queen (Wow sh
e's Tim Burton's Wife!)

I love all the th
ings tat are in heart-shape wit her!xD
& i love the way when she says :"Her Name is Um, Idiot!"xD

The Lenglu
i White Queen

Anne Jacqueline Hathaway!

I like the cute Cheshire Cat!!xD

And I don't have any idea wit the young girl Mia Wasikowska><

It's all amazin and I'm goin to watch IMAX-3D~^ ^b
There is so much tat i can't finish!!
Go watch urself then u'll noe!xD

And the song, sang by Avril Lavigne is so nice!❤

Here is the New Official Trailer^ ^

And there are many clips!xD
Alice In Wonderland - Cheshire Cat Clip

Alice In Wonderland - Clothe This Girl! xD

Alice In Wonderland - Off With His Head

Alice In Wonderland - Potion Magic

And Alice In Wonderland - More On The New World Of Wonderland (The Key Members)


And finally...we're hangin out!

havin a nice day wit Yasot&ManHeng❤
Yasot plz come back to me!xD

Friday, March 12, 2010


my secret blog =3
bad daysss..!
i hate my life can someone plz change it?XC

I wan moviesss
I wan fwensss
I wan good result
I wan fuuuture

I wan loveSSS
I wan everything~

I'm greedy =D

but life oways suxxxXX
I'm appreciate to my fwensss
I really do love my fwensss
think I'm losin them
do tok to me plz
yer feel like cryin==

Fuck offfxD